Unable to sleep

by Re-Timer on 27 Feb 2014

Unable to sleep

Being unable to sleep may be a sign of a disrupted circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm is your inbuilt 24-hour clock which tells your body when to fall asleep and when to wake.

Many people find it difficult to fall asleep when they want. They lie in bed for hours frustrated at their inability to fall asleep. For approximately 1 in 10 people, the cause relates to a delayed circadian rhythm.

Delayed circadian rhythm means the body begins to produce the sleep inducing hormone melatonin too late. For a normally entrained individual whom falls asleep at 11pm, they typically would begin producing melatonin at 9pm. This melatonin would increasingly make them sleepy until they naturally fall asleep at 11pm.

However, for someone falling asleep at 2am (delayed circadian rhythm), they may not start producing melatonin until 1am. Thus, this delay may be responsible for their being unable to sleep early.

Research has shown that Re-Timer can assist. Using Re-Timer shortly after waking will encourage the melatonin cycle to begin earlier in the evening. Thus, using Re-Timer for 1-hour in the morning at 7am will advance melatonin production to begin earlier at 11pm after 1 week of use.

Re-Timer is a university tested technology and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee for all consumers.

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